Branch office Tovarnik

RCM Špedicija d.o.o., PE Tovarnik is located 500 meters from the border crossing Tovarnik /Šid (Republic of Serbia)




Main business operations

At branch office Tovarnik of company RCM Špedicija d.o.o., we provide consulting in customs and customs agency for:

  • transit (T1, T2, T2L, TIR),
  • security announcements and
  • customs checks.

We organise individual types of transport, or the best possible combination of different types of transport: by land, by sea and air.

Opening hours:

0-24 h, NON STOP

Other services: free parking, proximity of petrol station. 

RCM Špedicija d.o.o., PJ Tovarnik

RCM Špedicija d.o.o., PJ Tovarnik
Josipa Bana Jelačića 6a, 
32249 Tovarnik
Republic of Croatia 

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Head of Branch office: Tomislav Drmić

+385 32 563 501
+385 91 621 9715
+385 91 621 9715

By providing quality services with a high level of professionalism based on trust,
we are moving towards mutual satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

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