General data

The company RCM Špedicija, d.o.o. operates in national and international transport and accompanying logistics services.

Company's main operations are:

  • Agency and customs documents for import, export and transit.
  • Organising all types of transport (we organise land, sea and air transport).
  • Warehousing (the company has a 200 m2 customs warehouse, and 200 m2 non-customs warehouse at the cargo terminal Jankomir-Zagreb, Croatia).

Our Technical and expert knowledge in international freight transport and national distribution guarantees our flexibility and adjustability to different customers' requirements. Our Slovenian and international business partners have had the opportunity to experience our flexibility, reliability and quality.

Our Vision

The vision of the logistic company RCM Špedicija is to become the market leader in provision of services of overall logistic solutions for the requirements of international environment.

The main goal pursued by the company RCM Špedicija:​

  • Creating conditions for the company's successful growth and development,
  • Provision of services in line with the legislation and our business partners' requirements,
  • Provision of services of highest quality standards, 
  • High level of expertise and competency in the provision of services,
  • Satisfaction of all company's internal and external stakeholders,
  • Employee satisfaction and positive company climate.

Values of the RCM Špedicija company: 

  • Quality on all levels of the company. 
  • Employee satisfaction and their sense of belonging to the company. 
  • Adaptability and responsiveness - flexibility, capacity to change one's response according to new circumstances.
  • Satisfaction – tendency to fulfil the requirements of all, internal and external stakeholders.
  • Cooperation – by building respectful relationship with all stakeholders. 

By providing quality services with a high level of professionalism based on trust,
we are moving towards mutual satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

Trust us!

Company business card

Date of entry into the Court register: 17. 04. 2001
Company ID number:    9001623
Tax number: HR18138367403
Full Company name: RCM ŠPEDICIJA društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za špediciju, trgovinu, ugostiteljstvo i usluge
Short company name: RCM ŠPEDICIJA d.o.o., 
Official headquarters: Stenjevečki odvojak  I/21
HR – 10000 ZAGREB 
Bussiness adress: Jankomir 25
HR – 10090 ZAGREB
Legal organisational form: Limited liability company d.o.o.
Registered capital: 20.000,00 KN

The modern logistics centre in the Trade-Industrial Zone of Hrpelje in Kozina covers more than 15,000 m2.