Clearance of export cargo

Clearance of export cargo or export customs procedure is the shipment of goods from the territory of the European Union to third countries. Export customs procedure allows for the goods originating in the European community to leave the European community. Clearance of export cargo consists of the exiting formality, including trade policy measures, which may involve export duties if applicable.  

Clearance of export cargo applies to all exporters from anywhere in the EU and is not limited to local competence.

If the shipments have a preferential origin, the EUR.1 form is issued upon export, which allows the recipients to be cleared at a lower rate.


Exporter's obligations:​

  • Valid Tax number and EORI number;
  • Authorisation for representation in customs for the forwarding agent;
  • If necessary, authorisation to issue EUR.1.

Haulier's obligations:

  • Correctly filled in CMR, with clear indication of who the sender is and where the shipment is destined to and who the final beneficiary is.

Forwarding agent's obligations: 

  • Documentary check of customs documents;
  • Verification of Tax number and EORI number validity;
  • Preparation of export documents for requirements of export customs clearance;

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