Customs procedure 42

The easy way to customs in Slovenia


Customs mediation is intended for Croatian importers importing from the countries of the Western Balkans and other non-EU countries:

  1. RCM d.o.o., PE Obrežje (border crossing Bregana – Obrežje, road freight,
  2. RCM d.o.o., PE Gruškovje (border crossing Macelj – Gruškovje, road freight),
  3. RCM d.o.o., PE Koper (Luka Koper, maritime, road and rail freight),
  4. RCM d.o.o., PE Brnik (air freight, AIRcargo)


Increased liquidity due to a 25 % VAT exemption on imports.

The importer does not need liquid funds when importing.

By providing quality services with a high level of professionalism based on trust,
we are moving towards mutual satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

Trust us!

Increase your liquidity, use customs procedure 42

EU customs legislation enables you customs clearance of goods imported from third countries in another EU member state, and thus also deferral of VAT payment during import customs procedures.

We have extensive experience in customs for importers of goods from other EU member states. We carry out customs procedures for our customers from Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and other EU member states.

Applying customs procedure 42, our customers deffer the payment of VAT, thereby improving their liquidity.

Import customs clearance of goods in Croatia for Croatian importers:

Import customs clearance of goods in Croatia for Croatian importers:

Import of goods from third countries
Import customs clearance IN CROATIA
Unloading of goods in Croatia

Import customs clearance of goods in another EU country for Croatian importers (Slovenia: Obrežje, Koper, Brnik, Gruškovje) – CUSTOMS PROCEDURE 42 – RCM freight forwarding

Uvozno carinjenje robe u drugoj zemlji EU za hrvatskog uvoznika (Slovenija: Obrežje, Koper, Brnik, Gruškovje) – CARINSKI POSTUPAK 42 – špedicija RCM

Import of goods from third countries
Import customs clearance in ANOTHER MEMBER STATE (Obrežje, Gruškovje, Koper, Brnik)
Unloading of goods in Croatia
Self-taxation – payment of the difference between input and output VAT

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Transportation and timely delivery of goods play an extremely important role in the world of business.

  • Fast and efficient logistics and transport solutions contribute significantly to business success.
  • We have been conducting business in the field of logistics and transportation for over 20 years. All employees are distinguished by many years of extensive experience in the field of logistics and customs operations.

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We perform the following services for our clients:

  • organization of international and domestic freight transport (maritime/air/road/rail)
  • storage
  • import customs clearance procedures
  • export customs clearance procedures
  • transit procedure
  • Intrastat
  • administrative services


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Why RCM d.o.o.?

  • Dodjela Certifikata ISO 9001:2015: Ostvarenje strategIje poduzeča s naglaskom na cjelovitim logističkim uslugama, koje nudimo u poduzeču RCM d.o.o., O S time osiguravamo zadovoljstvo naših klijenata te poboljšavamo odnos s Financijskom upravom republike Slovenije.
  • Dodjeljen nam je certifikat Ovlaštenog gospodarskog subjekta AEO. Program AEO Europske unije dio je svjetke pobude da se osigura poslovanje svih gospodarskih subjekata u poslovnom lancu po propisanim sigurnosnim standardima.
  • Špeditersko i logističko poduzeče RCM, d.o.o. nositelj je certifikata Excellent SME.